Audio Addiction

For the casual listener, avid listener and lovers of music, this channel will attempt to provide interesting and comical history on famous and the not so famous artists in pop music. From hip hop to classic rock we will cover them all. Videos every Thursday and Sunday at 6pm Eastern Standard Time.


Meet The Team 

Andrew Ho

For a long period of time Andrew was trapped within the concrete walls of The University of Toronto Scarborough’s science department until one day he thought enough was enough. Leaving computer science behind, he pursued his passion in hip-hop and dedicated himself to the studies of Popular Music. When he’s not listening to music, he’s obsessed with current affairs and his cat – however, the cat can be a bully.


Brandon Ben 

Brandon is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and writer. Interested in music since young age, Brandon went on to complete a Bachelor of Music at the University of Toronto, and is currently completing his Master of Music therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University. Brandon began contributing to Audio Addiction in 2017, and enjoys reviewing albums, as well as discussing the cultural and societal impact of artists.

Instagram @brandonbenmusic
Twitter @brandonbenmusic
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/brandonbenmusic/

Luiz Venesi 

Luiz, A Brazilian native of São Paulo, decided to change his life and start over after turning 30 years old. The place he chose was Toronto, Canada. An amazing city with a lot of things to do. After a few months living in the city, Luiz decided to start college and establish some roots. With college came the need to work and with work, Luiz made good friends; one of these friendships starting a partnership. It was only 3 months of Audio Addiction when he made a bid to be part of the personal project by Stephan. Day by day shows more than a dream or a way to have fun. A channel, a friendly partner, and a bright future.

Instagram: @luizvenesi

Stephan Nakamura 

Instagram: @audioaddictionig
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TheAudioAddiction/
Snapchat: @stephannakamura

Literally being raised in a studio Stephan grew up with a cool music Dad and discovered the wonders of the music industry. Determined to be in this industry, Stephan honed his craft in playing a guitar, joined a band, that band got disbanded, and ultimately took up an Arts Management program at The University of Toronto and started up a little YouTube Channel called Audio Addiction. Inspired by a professor, he wanted to create a medium where he can showcase the importance of pop music and culture, and how it influences, society, culture, and pushing music forward.